March 22, 2005

Column 2005-3-22 Commentary

For once, I have nothing to say. In a good way. Today's Brooks column is spot on. In fact, it's so spot on it makes you wonder why somebody who can see the Republican party this clearly is so blind to so many of its other deficiencies. The one criticism that could be made of this column is that Tom Delay is in this cesspool of corruption up to his neck, if not higher, yet his name only gets mentioned twice in the column. On the other hand, Brooks makes no attempt to cast this as an isolated case of a few bad apples. I urge you to read the column if you haven't already, both as a pointed indictment of the straight-up corruption that infests the Republican Party at the moment and because this may well be the only time I will ever urge you to read a Brooks column.

Additionally, Tom Delay should take note: this is a warning that some Republicans are ready to turn on him before the taint of corruption become too obvious and widespread. If Delay decides to fight it out, don't be surprised to see more and more Republicans, including elected ones and likely starting with Bush or people who can be expected to speak for Bush, distancing themselves from him.

However, this by no means lets the Times off the hook. The guy has been a columnist for over two years, and he's delivered one good column. The success rate is not exactly stunning.